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Products and Services

Fuel Equipment Reconditioning

Full Equipped Fuel Injection Facility
We Repair All Fuel Injection Equipment
Fuel Injection Division (Over 20 Years’ Experience)

With more than 20 years of experience, we have proven to be a service partner for our valued clients in the following areas:

  • Service of fuel systems of all 2 and 4 Stroke Engine Systems
  • Reconditioning of Fuel Pumps (Single / Inline)
  • Reconditioning of Plungers and Barrels
  • Reconditioning of Fuel Valves and Injectors
One Stop Service Package
One Stop Fuel Injection Service Centre
Benefits of Our Services

Our valued clients have benefited in the following areas:

  • Most Competitive Price
  • Fully Equipped Fuel Injection Facility
  • Fully Trained Staff with over 20 Years of Experience
  • One Stop Facility for all Fuel System Services
  • Fast Response Time
One Stop Service Package

Our One Stop Service Package consists of the following

  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Overhaul & Repair
  • Renewing of Spare-Parts
  • Calibration & Optimization (Test Bench)
  • Test & Diagnosis Report
Engine Fuel Systems That We Service
  • Japan Engine Models
    • Yanmar
    • Daihatsu
    • Niigata
    • Akasaka
    • Hanshin Diesel
  • Europe Engine Models
    • MAK
    • MTU
    • MAN B&W
    • Deutz
    • Rolls Royce
Brand we specialize in:
  • L'Orange
  • Delphi
  • Zexel
  • Bosch
  • Yanmar

Reconditioning of Engine Spares

Engine Spare- Parts We Recondition

Through our experienced technical team, we also repair and extend your Engine Spare-Parts for the following:

  • Cylinder Head Assembly
  • Cylinder Liner
  • Connecting Rod
  • Governor
One Stop Service Package
  • Renewal of Spare-Parts
  • Reconditioning of Spare-Parts Surfaces
  • Magna-flux Insepction
  • Ultra-Sonic Thickness Inspection
  • Water Pressure Testing
  • Rebuilding of Complete Assembly
  • Calibration
  • Final Inspection Report
Example 1- Inspection and Reconditioning of Cylinder Head Assembly

Our One Stop Service Package for Cylinder Head includes the following:

  • Dismantling of Cylinder Cover
  • Cleaning of Cylinder Head
  • Water Pressure Testing
  • Magna-Flux Inspection
  • Rebuilding of Cylinder cover with renewed spare-parts
  • Final Inspection Report
Before Condition of Cylinder Head
Cleaning of Cylinder Head
Water Pressure Testing
Magna-Flux Inspecion (Part 1)
Magna-Flux Inspecion (Part 2)
Measuring Exhaust Port Thickness
Rebuilding of Cylinder Cover with Renewed Spare-Parts
Final Condition of Cylinder Head (After Reconditioning)
Example 2- Inspection and Reconditioning of Connecting Rod

Our One Stop Service Package for Cylinder Cover includes the following:

  • Loosen and Remove Connecting Rod Bolts
  • Cleaning and Inspection of all Spare-Parts
  • Magna-Flux / Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Calibration of the ovality in way of big end bore before repair
  • Reconditioning of Surfaces
  • Renewing of Spares
  • Retighten connecting rod bolts to required torque and check for straightness
  • Final Inspection Reports
Before Condition of Connecting Rod
Magna-Flux Inspecion (Part 1)
Magna-Flux Inspecion (Part 2)
Laser cladding reconditioning of Serrated Surface
Laser cladding reconditioning of Big End Surface
Laser cladding reconditioning of Small End Surface
Laser cladding reconditioning the Bearing Surface of the Cap Side
Final laser cladding reconditioning of Connecting Rod (After Reconditioning)